Chandrayaan images – Another blow to Moon landing conspiracy theories

September 3, 2009 15:30 by scibuff

Although the Chandrayaan 1 mission by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) ended prematurely when scientists lost contact with the spacecraft on August 28, 2009, the agency claimed it to be a grand success in that it completed its major tasks.

Apart from the primary objectives to prepare a 3D atlas with the resolution of up to 10-5m and chemical and mineralogical mapping of the entire lunar surface, the terrain mapping camera on board the spacecraft has also sent images of the landing site of Apollo 15 and the tracks of land rovers astronauts used to travel on the lunar surface.

Apollo 15 lunar module, Falcon - Image Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University

Apollo 15 lunar module, Falcon - Image Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University

Analysis of data from the onboard Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) and the Hyper Spectral Imager (HySi) revealed disturbances on the the lunar surface show tracks on Lunar Roving Vehicles (LRV) used by astronauts on Apollo 15, 16 and 17.

That’s right, all your Moon landing deniers (read crazy people). Here are photos and data acquired by instruments built by an agency from a different country on board a spacecraft launched into lunar orbit independently of NASA – Chandrayaan 1 also carried NASA instruments but the TMC was built in ISRO’s Space Applications Centre (SAC).

I’m truly curious how Moon hoaxers tackle this one. Meanwhile, the rest of us who live in a real world will no doubt enjoy in awe all other wonders of the universe.

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Chester Peabody

I don’t see any lander in that image. Maybe NASA intercepted the radio signal and doctored the picture on the way to India? What with the faked rock given to the Dutch which claimed to be a moon rock.


The Images of the Chandryaan will be out soon.
The reason why it is taking so much time is because the mission came to an abrupt end with the loss of contact with the sat.
The images will be released to the public domain and i am quite sure that you will be able to see them and verify them for your self


i agree with chester – i can’t see anything in that image and who’s the say the US didn’t *preload* the chandra with these images anyway?


Yes sir!!!!! My regards to Eugene A. Cernan, Th. P Stafford, and many more men who devoted their lives to Apollo.
May all conspiracypirates finally shut up!!!!!!

curious dude

Its March 2, 2010 ..where oh where are the Chandrayaan pictures???? I’m starting to believe the conspiracy ppl. No one has given a resonable explanation for the delay..what..2 years later?

Non believer

So, all it had to do was fly near to the moon and take some pictures, but even with the technology of today they lost it.
Yet in 1969 using computers less powerfull than my watch, 3 blokes managed to get there in an oversized bean tin and spend the week there before flying the same bean tin home again?
Sounds really believable!


And still after three years. NO IMAGES OF THE MOON EXCEPT A FEW. Where are the thousand of images that Chandrayaa have taken??????
It is quite clear that the moon harbours alien constructions. Even Niel Armstrong, the first man on the moon, states that there were UFO’s waiting for them.


Peet, the spacecraft obtained over 70000 images some of which are available (many will be released after scientist have the time to analyze them and publish scientific papers – which is a standard procedure) – also there are thousands of LRO images –

so please do a bit of research before embarrassing yourself with crazy unfounded conspiracy theories

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