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October 22, 2009 17:11 by scibuff

It has been a while since so many events occurred in such a short time span – The immensely successful LCROSS, the Galilean Nights, the Orionids delivering a spectacular show; I can hardly wait for the Autumn Moonwatch to start on Saturday.

Once again, I have created a gallery powered by services such as twitpic,,,, and Whenever someone sends a #Moonwatch, #Meteorwatch and #GalileanNights picture to Twitter, a thumbnail with links to the full size image along with the tweep’s text will be added to the gallery.

Having created similar galleries for the summer meteorwatch, The Great Look Up and the regular Space Shuttle gallery, the relatively small modifications required for the Moonwatch wouldn’t be such a big deal, but this time I’ve included a few extra bits:

First of all, there is the treemap visualization displaying the participation of twitter users in the three topics of #Moonwatch, #Meteorwatch and #GalileanNights.

The treemap displays users' participation in the #Moonwatch, #Meteorwatch and #GalileanNights topics via twitter

The treemap displays users' participation in the #Moonwatch, #Meteorwatch and #GalileanNights topics via twitter

Next,  there is a newly created twitter account @MoonWatchPix that sends a tweep every time a new picture is added to the gallery, thus making it easy to keep track of photos/images posted to twitter for the #Moonwatch, #Meteorwatch and #GalileanNights events.

The Moonwatch twitter event starts on Monday, October 26. To join in, you can simply tweet with the hashtag #Moonwatch or follow NewburyAS or @astronomy2009uk.

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