Fireball lights up night sky above Utah

November 19, 2009 13:53 by scibuff

Bolide streaking across the sky over Utah as seen from the security cameras at the Willard L. Eccles Observatory on Frisco Peak

Numerous reports of a bright fireball that illuminated parts of the Utah sky on Wednesday at around 07:07 GMT are appearing around the Internet. A video from outside security cameras at the University of Utah’s Milford observatory shows a blinding flash of light.

Utah’s NASA and Solar System Ambassador Patrick Wiggins said that, from his observatory near Stansbury Park, the break up of the meteor occurred at about 240 to 250 degrees azimuth which puts it just north of southwest. He also heard the sound of an explosion that would put the breakup of the bolide about 100 km in that direction placing it high above Granite Peak in the west desert.

Utah scientists said later on Wednesday that there was a chance that the meteor was associated with the annual Leonid meteor shower.

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