Endeavour launch postponed

February 7, 2010 09:41 by scibuff

February 7, 2010 at 09:30 UTC, NASA’s launch director (LD) Pete Nickolenko Mike Leinbach coordinating with the Mission Management Team (MMT) called off today’s launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor on the STS-130 mission during the final T-9 minute hold while polling stations for the Go/No-Go for launch, due violations in launch weather criteria ending thus a “full dress launch rehearsal” for the crew of STS-130.

The main culprit today was the range weather, i.e. low clouds over the launch page. In addition to the launch site weather violations, the Mission Control in Houston also called a No-Go due to unacceptable weather forecast for a possible Return To Launch Site (RTLS) abort.

The teams will execute a 24 hour scrub turnaround procedure and attempt another launch tomorrow. The launch window tomorrow will open at 09:09:02 UTC and closes at 09:19:02 UTC with the optimal launch time at 09:14:07 UTC.

The T-9 min in-built starts

The T-9 min in-built starts - Photo Credit: NASA TV/Spacevidcast

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Space shuttle Endeavour bathed in light

Space shuttle Endeavour, STS-130, is bathed in light on launch pad 39A Saturday, February 7, 2010 awaiting blastoff to the International Space Station Sunday morning at 4:39 am. - Credit: Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel

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