Amateur footage of STS-130 launch wanted

March 9, 2010 17:48 by scibuff

If you have shot (probably) the last night Space Shuttle launch a few weeks back and you’d be interested in sharing the footage with the rest of the world, read on:

ATTENTION: NASA buffs 8 to 88, amateur and pro video makers and photographers! is making a film about the launch of STS-130 as seen from the perspective of NASA scientists and everyday fans of all ages.

Don’t worry about quality — we’re looking to capture moments that are both exciting and mundane, including footage of you and your group driving to and getting ready for the launch. We are looking for both the shaky, unplanned stuff and the shots that took hours to set up. You will be credited in the final project, and eligible for prizes!

Contact us for instructions on sending photo and video:

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