Moon Zoo is live!

May 11, 2010 19:30 by scibuff

Moon Zoo is live!

Moon Zoo is a new addition to the Zoo-universe, a collection of citizen science project that started a few years ago with the highly successful Galaxy Zoo. The project invites everyone to explore the lunar surface in unprecedented detail, with the resolution of up to 0.5m., courtesy of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and its two Narrow Angle Cameras.

Moon Zoo asks the participants to classify and measure the shape of features on lunar surface with the main focus on:

  • counting the number of and measuring the size of impact craters
  • categorizing locations of interest such as lava channels, crater chains, lava flooded impact craters,  volcanic eruptive centers, etc.
  • assessing the degree of boulder hazard by comparing boulder density on two images
  • identifying recent changes on lunar surface by comparing LRO and Apollo photographs
  • determining the location of space mission hardware on the Moon (Apollo landers, Luna rovers, European and Chinese probes)

Besides delivering high quality data which will address many questions of lunar science, Moon Zoo is also an excellent tool to promote lunar and space exploration and engage the public in learning about processes involved in scientific discoveries.

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