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June 7, 2010 11:29 by scibuff


  • WordPress Connect 2.0 is out

  • WordPress Connect has a new website and some exciting news.
  • 1.05
    1. Compatibility up to WordPress 3.0
    2. Adds the option to force the Comments and the Like Button to appear on a new line in case posts’ content isn’t enclosed in a block element.

      Updated Comments Module Settings

      New Comments Module Settings (enabling users to force the module to a new line)

  • 1.03
    1. Adds options to control on which pages comments and like button appear, i.e
      it is possible to disable the comments and the like button on the homepage,
      pages and categories (they always appear in single posts) 

      New Comments Module Settings

      New Comments Module Settings

  • 1.02
    1. Fixes the issue with the Like Button within the Comments plugin

A lot has changed in the past few months in the world of Facebook. One of the greatest updates Facebook recently released is the collection of the Social Plugins.  Thousands of websites added the plugings within just days. This WordPress plugin brings all these Facebook Social Plugins into the world of WordPress.

WordPress Connect provides the Social Plugins as fully customizable WordPress Widgets, including:

  • Activity Widget
  • Comments Widget
  • Facepile Widget
  • Like Box Widget
  • Like Button Widget
  • Live Stream Widget
  • Login Widget
  • Recommendation Widget
Wordpress widgets dashboard with WordPress Connect (WPC) widgets

Wordpress widgets dashboard with WordPress Connect (WPC) widgets

The widgets can be added to your blog just as easy as any other WordPress Widget,  i.e. through the widgets page (under Appearance on your Dashboard).

Wordpress Connect Widgets settings

Wordpress Connect Widgets settings

Apart from the widgets, the plugin also delivers Facebook Comments and the Like Button to individual posts. Now anyone with Facebook account can post comments on your blog and like your posts.

Like Button Module settings

Like Button Module settings

Adding the Facebook Like Button and the Facebook Comment box, such as those you can see at the end of this post, is really a matter of just a few clicks.

For more information and download options visit the plugin website

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The like button is great, but it shows a white box beneath the like button until you click away from the page, then it goes away. I am using WP 2.9.2 with both FF 3.6.3 and Safari 5.

Thanks for your help!


Is their a way to call the comments only on posts?

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@Liam yes this feature will be part of v1.03 that is due to be released shortly


Thanks very much scibuff.


Is there any way to unlike something if you accidentally click on like?


I suspect clicking on the like button the second time will do the trick

Jhoan Gonzalez

After updating the plugin I can’t get into my wp-admin page. Please help.


is there any error displayed? If you’re getting a blank page, try adding edit.php at the end of your url, e.g. instead of /wp-admin/ (or /wp-admin/admin.php) enter manually /wp-admin/edit.php or /wp-admin/plugins.php


is there anyway to change the actual font colour of the actual added comment, coz it matches the background of my blog so all comments are lost

Jhoan Gonzalez

Can I delete comments posted on the page using wordpress connect?


Jhoan, yes, it’s possible. If you followed step #3 of the installation instructions, you should be able to “Administer Comments” right away.

I’ll update the plugins FAQs


Scibuff, can i call the comment module on from a page?
This is the problem that I have; when I put the options of add the facebooks comments on the Wp commnets module and I habilitate the comments of a page the FB it doesn’t appear.
I have two different type of pages; with comments and without. If I allowed the fb comments on pages appears in all with or without the wp comment; If I dont allowed the fb comments on pages it doesn’t appears in any pages.
Can it be call the fb module? Or simply that the page’s swith don’t disturb the comment addon?


Joseph, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. Could you post/email me urls to the pages in questions? thx.


I’m wondering the same thing as Joseph. Is there a way to exclude the FB comments from specific individual posts/pages?
ex. a specific page template that shouldn’t feature comments

I’m a php rookie, so maybe this doesn’t make sense, but is there a variable that you can pass in the_content() that excludes FB comments in that specific instance? Not 100% familiar with how WP Connect inserts the comments into the code.


Scibuff; i’ll try to explain myself.

Your plugin has two options;
1- add the fb comments to the comments template.
2- Allow the comments on the pages.

The second option overrule the first one.
1 on 2 on (comments on all pages)
1 off 2 on (comments only in all pages)
1 on 2 off (comments off on all pages)
1 off 2 off (comments off on all)

I have two kinds of pages; with and without comments; but the comments apperas in all pages.
The ideal will be that the fb comments appear only when it’s called or only if the wp-comments appears.
I’m building a website for a students. My info now is right, the mail and the website.


I’ll look into this. You’re right, it totally makes sense; I’ll try to add these options in the next release.


Thanks man; keep with the great work. Its excellent the plugins.

Jhoan Gonzalez

On internet Explorer 8, nothing shows up for the plugin, but I do see it on Firefox and Chrome. How can I fix this as IE is still the most popular browser?


Jhoan, it works just fine for me in IE8. Your site is throwing a js error (from jquery.cross-slide.js) in IE8. Try to put the reference to it from body into head of your site.

Jhoan Gonzalez

Sorry what is it exactly that I have to put where? I am not to familiar with PHP or any programing language to be honest. I maintain this site as a free service to my hometown in Dominican Republic.

Onur Güzel

Can you add a textbox to change og:site_name?

There are too many typos like “ligth” (light) and “htpt” (http).

Good job!


very nice plugin. it works and is very easy.
but i wan´t to replace the wordpress comment system with facebook connect.
i mean totally.

i disable comments but im receiving a footer text:
Coments are closed.

And the comment box of facebook is showing just after the post content.

is there a way to show it after? i mean, like facebook connect replacing the wordpress comment box.

(i already try some codes in comments.php but maybe i haven try the right one)

can you help me?


Can I change the like button and comments box to a “dark” theme? I have a black theme and the light version does not read well. If not, can you give me another solution?



Great plugin, one issue though. Is there an easy way to change the plugin from hooking onto the_content() and instead get something like
to be inserted into the theme, for full control over placement?


Part of the last comment was stripped, what I ment was to have something like “?php fb-connect() ?” to be called inside the theme-templates as an option to hooking onto the_content()

Jhoan Gonzalez

Can’t no longer post comments on website using the FB Comments. I try on this site as well and get the same results were I can type in the comments but when clicking on the submit it doesn’t do anything.


is it possible to impliment short codes?
so i can have the buttons any where i want it?

the application would be so much more powerful and versatile…


is there any way to change the color of the fonts?
my site background is black… cant see the words form FB

Eric Bobrow

I just set up your plugin, and already have a bunch of comments on one of my pages where I recently posted a video tutorial. However, the FB content (on all pages) does not show up in IE8 – it works in Firefox (Mac and PC) as well as Safari (Mac). Any ideas why, or how to fix this??

Also, is there any way to put the comments box on specific pages, but not all pages? It seems to be all or nothing…creating a shortcode would be a great option.

Thanks for creating this plugin. I hope you have time to respond to some of these comments, so that your work can best be put to use!

Eric Bobrow


Hi there,

I’ve just installed your plug-in – thanks by the way!

I’m using the WPC like button widget, and it’s displaying the number of likes for my FB page but no faces (even though I’ve ticked the show faces tick box), do you know what the problem might be?



Hey I messaged you back in August-“jc
Can I change the like button and comments box to a “dark” theme? I have a black theme and the light version does not read well. If not, can you give me another solution?” I believe you said you had an update coming?
Can I get an eta on that? 😉

Phil Hoyt

Any way to either disable the like button when using the comment system OR make the like button the dark color scheme with the comment system?!?!


Hi JC, sorry about the delays – just no time …

the Like button has a dark theme option, however the comments box doesn’t (this is by design from Facebook) – I can look into the possibility of using external stylesheets (not offciially supported but could be still in place as legacy to the old plugins)

@Phil – The facebook comments plugin doesn’t have the “dark theme” option as the like button does. The like button provided with the plugin has the option to be displayed in the dark theme. However, to display the like button on its own, you need to disable the comments (as comments automatically include the like button)


Hi scibuff,

I have been playing with your plugin and have noticed that if fb comments are made on a post (or anywhere else, for that matter), they do not show up in the activities feed. Any clue why that is? Only shares and likes do.



I’m not sure the activity feed is supposed to display comments, FB docs don’t mention comments (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/activity) and I’ve actually not seen comments included before in the activity feed. Do you have an example of a domain where comments appear in the activity?


The FB description of activity feed on the social plugins page describes it and it is shown in the pictures on FB’s development blog:



Cool, I’ll have a closer look. Just one thing to keep in mind, just because FB’s documentation says something, it doesn’t mean that it actually works – there are countless examples.



This plugin is great. I have one issue though. My site has a dark background and the like box doesnt appear to good because I think that it is set on light background. How do I modify this?


Hi guys, the “dark theme” for the comments box is requested a lot so I’d just like to let you know that I’m working on it…


is there any fix so wordpress connect could show up in explorer 6 ? i am using the transcript theme.
i tried three methods alread.
1)i inserted lines into the header.php
2)i inserted lines into the footer.php
3)i updated the HTML line <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml&quot;
i can connect through IE8 and above and safari.
please help.


For some reason many times the facebook comment box just hangs loading with that rotating loading box… It happens in all browsers frequently, so no comment box shows up for
Facebook comments. Anything I can tweak? Thanks.


hi, I am having problems linking to the profile, the ID (URL) is quite strange..

this is the link to the facebook group:

…but the like box wont accept the id 1186659360 which is the one I want.

Any help would be great thanks.


Great suite of plugins. Is there any way to be notified when new comments are made, or to see all posts and how many FB comments each has?

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To everyone having IE problems. Insert the following into the html tage in your header, worked for me.


Bill Zarchy

Was using plug in for FB comments on posts, both on my blog and on giantspod.net. Today the plugin just stopped working, on both sites, both of which are running WP 3.1.1. Is there a compatibility problem since my upgrade to 3.1.1? Help I need my FB comments back! Thanks.


Hi Bill, i have the same problem, i tried to look on facebook docs but I din’t find a solution, so i disabled the comments and now the like button works.


Hi Guys,

thank you for your comments, I’m currently looking into the problem and will try to fix it as soon as possible



Hi Guys,

thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve just released version 1.07 that should fix the problem. Unfortunately, facebook has changed the way comments are referenced and I don’t see a way to bring old comments back, i.e. all comment boxes are empty now. I’m sorry about that, this is caused by Facebook’s internal implementation of the updates (but I’ll keep looking for a solution)


Bill Zarchy

Thanks, Tom. I’ve installed the update, and when activated in Comments mode, it no longer gives me the ability to Like the post. Also, I lost a lot of comments. It would be great if you’re able to figure out how to get them back. I appreciate your fast work on this!

Kenneth Chan

Hmm, yeah, I agree with Bill’s observation. It seems that with a recent update, I can now only see the FB Comments or the FB Like button on all of my WP sites using the WP Connect plugin, but not both elements at the same time. In fact, the problem seems to show up even on your blog page right here. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see (with the Like button missing). Thanks for your help!


Hi guys,
same problem on tech-blog.net – all facebook comments are gone, the like-button is gone, too.

hope you can find a solution for this problem, keep your great work up!

greetings from germany


Jack H

Installed plugin last night. No like buttons within posts and like button widget results in an error. Looks like this has great possibilities.

Jack H

Just read my previous post. It wasn’t meant the way it sounded. I do think this has potential and look forward to getting it working.


Hi guys, I’m currently working on a bigger fix and an update. Facebook’s changed quite a few things and some things (like a Liku button together with comments) don’t work anymore (because facebook’s removed them). It will take me a bit of time – most likely I will need the upcoming weekend to sort everything out. Right now, if you udpate to 1.07, you should have the comments module back (without old comment which cannot be recovered because facebook’s changed the references – ie the comment box doesn’t work at all with old references).

Thanks for your patience and support



Hi – is it possible to have the FB Like button displayed in the beginning of post instead of after?


hi, yes it is possible im currently working on a new version of the plugin which will address many of the facebook issues as well as bring
many new features and flexibility. im hoping to have it ready this weekend, so bear with a little longer. meanwhile i will publish a new version tonight that will bring back the like button that recently dissappeared from the comments box.


Hi love the plugin, but since i updated your plugin I lose the white background, makes it transparent, any idea why? ive tried both iframe and xbhtml ways. Thanks!


Hi, thanks for the plugin … One question ; it is really important for me that i can change the position of the comment … Now it is oldest comment first en newest as the last one… Can we reverse this please ? thx


sorry this is totally up to facebook, comments are now sorted by “relevance” nothing I can do about that from here…


relevance ?


it’s now sorted by time ?/ date ?


it’s more complicated than that: “Comments are ordered to show users the most relevant comments from friends, friends of friends, and the most liked or active discussion threads, while comments marked as spam are hidden from view.”


… whatever the hell that means 😀


really don’t understand :p so its facebook that takes the postion which comment commes above ? ( sorry for my englisch 😉 )


yes, facebook decides the order, actually I believe the order changes for different people, for example if my friends posted a comment I would see their posts up on top, but someone else would see his/her friends up on top.


yes that’s true, but these are post and not comments !


now I don’t understand what you mean, can you provide a link to your site

Cornelia Dahmen | INTERBOOST

this plugin is great. Where is the donate button to spend a little of money.

We offer this on a href=”http://www.wordpress-studio.de” title=”WordPress STUDIO”>www.wordpress-studio.de.


Cornelia, the donate link can be found at the plugin’s page (at wordpress) http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-connect/ – or here’s the shortened version http://is.gd/rRwBC3. I’m actually in the final stages of a big update (to version 2.0)


i just installed the 2.0 version – added my appid, like everytime – everythings great.
but i wasnt able to aktivate the comment box only in articles using the dashboard. i has to add the wp_connect_comments-function in the right place in my template (single.php) (and center it).
now it looks fine:

even though when people write a comment via the comment box, it appears in their facebook profile but it’s not in my commentboy on the website.

did i something wrong?




right now the the problem is that the href attribute of the
fb:comments tag is empty but it shouldn’t be, if you’re using
wp_connect_comments have a look here


you may also consider using wp_connect_comments_default (it is the
same as wp_connect_comments but you don’t need to specify all the
options as they will be automatically set based on the values from the
options/settings pages)

I’ll add the option to disable/enable comments (and like button) only
on articles – it will be out in 2.0.1 with a few other tweaks,
probably in a few days

Thank you


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