Amateur video of Mars – full rotation in HD

July 1, 2010 14:56 by scibuff

Planetary observers love Mars. The Red Planet is easy to observe and changing surface markings can be seen with even a small telescope. Although the planet is hostile to life, the home to the largest volcano in the solar system, the deepest canyon and crazy weather and temperature patterns offers beautiful view of ice caps over the poles in white, regions covered with sand and gravel in dark brown and red, and large dust storms in light orange.

Damian Peach, one of the most prominent planetary astrophotographers, assembled a sequence of his photos during the latest apparition of Mars into a video below. The video displays, in high definition, a full rotation of the Red Planet (24.622 hours).

Full rotation of the Red Planet in high definition

Visit Damian’s webpage for more amazing astrophotography.

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