Meteorwatch 2010 UKSnow-like Map

August 4, 2010 19:29 by scibuff

Meteorwatch 2010 has now its own map displaying meteor observations. The map is quite similar to UKSnow by Ben Marsh but has a few additions/improvements. First of all, reporting is not restricted to just UK but works worldwide. Furthermore, once reports start to come in, the typical meteor icons will be accompanied by meteor animations created by the author of the Meteorwatch 2010 TrailerAdrian West. Finally, the live day/night overlay is a neat touch to finish the map off.

Meteorwatch 2010 Map

Meteorwatch 2010 Map

To report meteors and have them added to the map simply send a tweet in the form of:

#meteorwatch [postcode] [country] [meteor count]

e.g. #meteorwatch e15 uk 5

For more information about the valid format see the bottom of the map page.

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