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November 2, 2010 13:53 by scibuff

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Tension mounts as spacecraft approaches comet – The NASA/EPOXI team who will be managing and guiding their 3m spacecraft to within 700Km of the nucleus of Comet 103P Hartley/2 are now safely located at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California, where the excitement is growing ahead of only the 5th close approach flyby of a comet in history. –Faulkes Telescope

Mystery of Saturn’s Wonky B Ring: Solved – It has long been known that Saturn’s rings are not the perfect hoops they appear as in small amateur telescopes, and when the Cassini spacecraft entered orbit around Saturn, the wonky disorder of the massive B ring became even more apparent. Scientists were stunned by towering vertical structures, scalloped edges on the rings, and odd propeller-like features. But scientists have now found the cause of these strange features: The region is acting just like a spiral galaxy, said Carolyn Porco, team lead of the Cassini imaging team. –Nancy Atkinson / Universe Today

NASA to Host Live Events for November 4 Comet Encounter – NASA will hold a series of news and educational events about the EPOXI mission’s close encounter with comet Hartley 2, scheduled to occur at approximately 14 UTC on Thursday, Nov. 4. The spacecraft will provide the most extensive observations of a comet in history –NASA/JPL

Two Fireballs Sighted from Comet Hartley 2 -Do They Signal a New Meteor Shower Display? – Astronomers have recorded sightings of two fireballs that may have come from Comet Hartley 2 that made its closest pass by Earth in 24 years this month, prompting speculation on whether the icy cosmic interloper may have a trailing a meteor shower show. –Daily Galaxy

Russians Toast Success of International Space Station – International Space Station will celebrate one more record in its orbital life on November 2, 2010 – 10 years of human space mission. Soyuz TM-31 docked to the station’s Zvezda module on Nov. 2, 2000. Since then, the crews have been constantly working in the orbital outpost. –Parabolic Arc

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The Deep Impact spacecraft's High - and Medium-Resolution Imagers (HRI and MRI) have captured multiple jets emanating from comet Hartley 2 turning on and off while the spacecraft is 8 million kilometers (5 million miles) away from the comet.


Discovery on Launch Pad

Discovery on Launch Pad



Volcano on the Galapagos Islands

Volcano on the Galapagos Islands

STS-133 NASA Tweetup

STS-133 NASA Tweetup

Gallery Pick of the Day

North American/NGC7000 region Bi-color

North American/NGC7000 region Bi-color - 30 10min subs with 6nm Ha filter and 30 10min subs with the OIII filter at ISO 1600 stacked in DSS then adjusted in PS CS2. Canon 500D(modded) , Orion Atlas mount and the lens was the Nikon 180ED @ f/2.8 and a 7x40mm finder as a guide scope. - Credit: Erik N Larsen

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