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Dream Programming for Less with the Use of Vouchers

I’ve previously written about lucid dreaming on this blog as it’s an interest of mine, but recently I’ve been getting more into dream programming. It’s another area where you can use supplements to help you achieve your dream goals, and I’ve included some vouchers to help you save on those below. But first, I wanted to go over what dream programming is.

Dream Programming vs. Lucid Dreaming

This questions comes up a lot: what is the difference between lucid dreaming and dream programming? They are similar, in both cases you are using a variety of techniques to try and influence your dreams. However, their ultimate goals are different. In lucid dreaming, the goal is to be aware that you are in a dream state and therefore able to control the dreams reality. Most people have had at least once experience where they realized that they were dreaming. Sometimes it’s a bit traumatic, like willing yourself to wake up from a nightmare. Other times it can be fun and exciting, realizing that you can bend reality around yourself like Neo in The Matrix. Lucid dreamers are typically looking for the latter experience, although lucid dreaming has also been used to deal with recurring nightmares, particularly ones that have been brought on by trauma.

Dream programming on the other hand is a little bit different, in this case the person wants to dream about something specific but it doesn’t matter if they realize that they are dreaming or not. Why do people want to do this? There are many examples in both arts and sciences of people having ideas that led to revolutionary breakthroughs in a dream. We’ll get to the science behind why that is below. Sometimes it’s more simple, a person wants to have a dream about a loved …

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