May 9, 2009 14:59 by scibuff

My name is Tomas Vorobjov, I graduated with BA in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics from Colby College in 2006. I’m currently working as a senior developer for a digital agency in Amsterdam. I like to identify myself as a rationalist and skeptic but most importantly science enthusiast. Therefore the vast majority of my posts will be regarding news and events from the world of science and technology. Nevertheless, as a true skeptic, I will never miss an opportunity to criticize and/or mock superstition, anti- and pseudo- science, and lack of (rational) thinking.

I must also warn you. It is very likely that, sooner or later, I WILL offend your god, ridicule some sort of irrational belief of yours or deride a certain superstitious ritual you feel obliged to follow. Thus reading this blog is really only on your own risk. That said, if the blood in your veins starts boiling or your face turns so red that its “color” will pass the boundary of the visible part of spectrum, it is not my fault – you have been warned!

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