May 10, 2009 03:40 by scibuff

I started programming at school at the age of 9. Back then we were playing with a “turtle” in the realm of programming language called Logo. In the past years I went through several programming corresponding competition in Pascal (and later Java), a class website project built with frames and optimized for IE4, longer and short web projects using perl (cgi-bin), php, mysql, plain html/css/javascript, even some cold fusion and also worked with, unfortunately, the worst cms on Earth – commonspot.

My professional developer carrier began in fall 2006 when I joined a digital agency, R/GA, located in Hell’s Kitchen in the City. In June 2007 I moved to R/GA’s London office where I’ve been working ever since.

I love throwing OOP and/or MVC at everything that tries to be ugly unorganized code (for this I have to thank to my college professor Dale Skrien). I concentrate particularly in PHP (MySQL powered) development alongside of unobtrusive Javascript, Ajax and the separation of content and presentation. One of my ongoing efforts focuses on separation of code, content and styling in Flex/Air development, building on top of Cairngorm in particular.

In past months I shifted my main focus towards development of WordPress themes (such as this one), plugins and widgets (the “latest posts”, “categories” and “most commented” widgets on the sidebar are of my own making and will be release soon for public use)

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