What's New:

The visualize page is a new addition presented for the first time during the last MoonWatch. It is basically a treemap that displays the participation of different users in each of the three observed topics (i.e. "space shuttle" and sts133 (or sts-133). The size of the colored rectangular boxes is (largely) based on the number of tweeps a user sends as well as how recent the tweeps are. These values are then compared the values calculated for other users and a visual representation of user's contribution to a particular topic is then created.


I have created a new twitter account @SpaceShuttlePix that sends a tweep every time a new picture is added to the gallery. @SpaceShuttlePix makes is easy to keep track of all pictures taken for the "space shuttle" and sts133 (or sts-133) topics.

The Space Shuttle Gallery

The Space Shuttle Gallery is another one of my galleries for images/photos posted to twitter. I created the first version specifically for the highly successful meteorwatch. The gallery script searches the public twitter feed for photos and images sent by users from around the world. The first version had support only for the TwitPic.com server. Since then, I've added support for four other popular services, namely:

To have your photo included on this site, all you have to do is to update your twitter status with a message that includes (one or more) images uploaded to either of the 6 services mentioned above and the words 'space shuttle', 'sts-133', 'sts133' or the hash tag #sts133, e.g.:

Shuttle on one pad, Ares I-X on another. #sts133 http://twitpic.com/n0ewz

Gallery Live!

When you first come to the gallery live! page, it will display the newest items along with a few latest archive photos. You can click on a particular photo to bring up the gallery view, which will let you navigate through all full-size photos. Clicking on the link underneath a photo will take you to one of the Twitpic, yFrog, Img.ly, TwitGoo, Flickr or Ow.ly sites. The gallery live! page updates its content every 60 seconds, so there is no need to refresh the page.

Please note that in case your browser doesn't support javascript or javascript has been disabled, only archive items will be displayed and the page will NOT refresh periodically).


The archive page displays ALL status updates containing images (restricted to the services mentioned above) posted to the twitter feed that at some point appeared in the live gallery. Items are orginazed so that the latest images appear on top.

STS-128, STS-129, STS-130, STS-131 & STS-132 Archives

The sts-128 archive page contains all gallery images displayed during the STS-128 mission.

The sts-129 archive page contains all gallery images displayed during the STS-129 mission.

The sts-130 archive page contains all gallery images displayed during the STS-130 mission.

The sts-131 archive page contains all gallery images displayed during the STS-131 mission.

The sts-132 archive page contains all gallery images displayed during the STS-132 mission.