Search Tags extension to the Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin

June 5, 2009 10:10 by scibuff

I like the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress that sends a message about my new blog posts automatically to my Twitter Account. However, ever since the twitter searches became popular (i.e. TwitterFall), I thought such automatic messages should also include search tags.

Therefore, I wrote a very simple plugin to automatically add  twitter search tags, based on the post tags, to the “New Blog Post” twitter status messages. Furthermore, since twitter limits the status message length to 140 characters I have also added my favorite URL shortener service to save more space for the search tags. Using this plugin the automated status message will have a format of

	New Blog Post: [Post Title] [Post Url] #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

In this initial release, the twitter search tags are created automatically from the tags assigned to the post. If the plugin turns out to be popular I will add some sort of customization and options panels to the Dashboard in the future.

Download the Twitter Tools Search Tags plugin